About the show


From the elegant Edwardian spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, perfectly situated in the centre of the town with just a three minute walk from the International Conference Centre lays the charming Yorkshire Hotel. This is the venue for the award winning entertainer Franklin, where he presents his show ‘Journey to the Centre of the Mind’. But what makes entertaining in a hotel so exciting? For Franklin it is the intimate environment it offers and a dream come true. Unlike any other magician, Franklin takes magic to a whole new level, where the audience doesn’t just watch the show Franklin actually makes them a part of it.


In the show Journey to the Centre of the Mind, Franklin’s ultimate goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of the human mind, as time and time again Franklin demonstrates that he knows what his audience is thinking.  Both with observation and deduction Franklin is without doubt a modern day Sherlock Holmes as he reads between the lies. Sometimes unsettling, sometimes unnerving, but totally captivating. 


When you see Franklin demonstrate his ability to manipulate thought, perception and memory you will immediately realise he is no ordinary magician, for close on forty years he has been honing his skills to make him the ultimate entertainer in his field. Whenever Franklin entertains he literally wows his audience proving his belief that nothing is impossible.


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Each and every Friday evening at 8.30

At The Yorkshire Hotel, Harrogate

Ticket available at the hotel reception or through this web site


Not suitable for children under 12 years.

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